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CRO is a team of medical providers, engineers, scientists, and researchers dedicated to enhancing pre-hospital and austere medicine. We accelerate the transfer of medical technology from research and development to commercialization with our user-generated platform.

Pre-Hospital Deaths


Preventable Deaths


Truncal Hemorrhage Deaths


Junctional Hemorrhage Deaths


Transferring Technology innovations

Our team specializes in accelerating the transfer of technology from various phases of research and development to commercialization. We do this by identifying need, investing in research, and delivering products to the end-user.

We use state of the art techniques to identify needs in DoD medicine

CRO identifies capability gaps in DoD medicine and brings emerging technologies to the field. Our expert supply chain management, contract specialists and user-generated platforms ensure new concepts, tools, and equipment get to the end user. Data analysis drive these areas of interest and retrospective analysis measure the global impact of our work.

Data science

We analyze data sets to focus our efforts and find the areas of greatest need.


We invest in medical research to solve problems in healthcare.

Medical Devices

Our biomedical engineers create solutions for the field.


We have a robust supply chain to deliver products to end-users.
Our Purpose

We are working to solve preventable deaths, globally.

Trauma Deaths Per Year.

US Military Deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan

Potentially Survivable Deaths

Leaders in Trauma Medicine

Roots in Special Operations Medicine


Address: 516 E Spruce Street Missoula, MT 59802
Email: support@cromedical.com
Phone: (406) 540-4089

Questions? Please reach out to our team and we will be happy to assist!