Welcome to the undisputed best-in-industry warranty.

The entire CRO product line carries a lifetime warranty for production and material defects. Our team is dedicated to extreme customer satisfaction. If, for any reason, you need to contact us about a product, please reach out to our product support team to make arrangements at support@cromedical.com.

CRO products are manufactured in Missoula, Montana, by a team of craftsmen, product designers, and engineers. All of our products are meticulously built to meet the demanding needs of our customers operating in remote and austere environments. We carefully inspect each product through a best-in-industry quality assurance program. Due to the extreme use of our products by our users, and regardless of how well you care for your CRO products, they will eventually begin to show age and wear.

What’s covered by warranty
Our warranty covers product and material defects, no matter if the product is used or unused. This means if the product does not deliver our promised quality, you can send it in for repair or replacement. Once you send it in, we will determine if the product is repairable and if not, send you a new product for free.

What’s not covered by warranty
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. This means that you will not be covered by damage caused by accidents, improper care, negligence, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. We still offer a product repair program for damages by normal wear and tear at no cost to you.